What is Mindstate Creatives?

A community for designers & creators who want to get laser focused.

Mindfulness & performance training for designers

These mindful friends groups meet online every week & are guided by Certified Performance Coach & Mindfulness Mentor, Brian Bibi.


They offer spaces for reflection, growth & unified connection for designers, illustrators, photographers & creatives of all types.


Sessions include meditation, group practice, breakouts & engaging group shares.

Connect with your tribe

Stayed connected inbetween our weekly group calls in our private mindful community Telegram group. Share your challenges, celebrate your wins, bring your questions & experiences and watch as the group rises to support you on your journey as well. You don’t have to do it alone. Grow together!


Starting : 13 June 2024

Every Thursday @ 16:00 CET

07:00 PST [US] / 10:00 EST [US] / 16:00 CET [EU] / 19:30 IST [IN]

Meet your group lead

Brian Bibi, MCLC CMM CMT
Award-winning Designer, Certified Performance Coach, Mindfulness Mentor & Meditation Teacher

Brian Bibi has been practicing mindfulness mediation intensively since 2001, after visiting South East Asia for 6 months. Brian has been mentoring clients since 2014.
Brian focuses on bridging present moment awareness, wisdom & compassion, with the courage to act on your own intuitive discernment. Brian emphasises using mindfulness as a tool to increase focus, clear the mind, visualise goals, practice compassion & acceptance for ourselves and others.
Brian has studied Neuroscience & Quantum Physics, NLP, CBT, EI, Positive Psychology & more… incorporating them into his approach to mindfulness & performance training with groups. Brian’s group style is both structured and relaxed, using humour and light-heartedness to guide the way.
Brian holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Western Michigan University with a 23-year award-winning, branding & design career in Chicago & Amsterdam, along with freelancing at Studio3B since 2012. He has published 25 kids books, grew a YouTube channel to 18M views in 9 months, has travelled through 33 States, 35 countries & hosted over 3,000 travellers in his home & is loving it all.
Brian can be found ‘in-joying’ the nearby national park, dancing to Ibiza Global Radio and creating in his design studio. He lives in Utrechtse Heuvelrug, The Netherlands with his 18-year old son. For a more detailed bio, see Mindstate.one


Proudly certified by these leading coaching institutions


Certified Mindfulness Meditation Mentor (MMT) with Banyan’s Tara Brach & Jack Kornfield

Certified Meditation Teacher (CMT) with Sarvagunya Yoga, Dharamshala, India

Certified Heroic Coach, with world-class coach, Brian Johnson

Certified Virtual Coach, with world-class coaches, Eben Pagen & Annie Lalla

Master Certified Life Coach, accredited by the gold-standard International Coaching Federation (ICF)

Positive benefits include:

Increased focus & concentration

Enhanced emotional regulation

Enhanced sleep quality

Strengthened Immune System

Increased well-being & life satisfaction

Increased self-compassion

Who’s this for?

This group is for those seeking :

Inner Alchemy: Learn practical well-being strategies & techniques to use your energy wisely & turn it into a source of personal power that enhances your energy, creativity & productivity.

Community Connection: This supportive community shares in the experience of growth through thick & thin,  using practical strategies for growth & empowerment.

Mindful Mastery: Cultivate mindfulness practices that empower you to respond to life’s challenges with clarity & presence in any situation.

This group is not for those :

Wanting a quick fix: Amazing temporary states may take you up high, yet they cannot maintain it. You will drop & sometimes lower than you were before. If this is what you’re looking for, don’t join.

Not willing to participate: If you expect everyone else to do the work for you, don’t join. Growth happens from showing your vulnerability through trusting one another. If you can’t do that, don’t join.

Know-it-alls: If you feel like youre better than another, this is not for you. We can learn from everyones experience, so we listen & support whenever possible. If you can’t, don’t join.

Connection by Design

The format for each 1-hour group session is:

5-minutes : welcome
10-minutes : meditation and reflection on the day’s prompt
20-minutes : community breakout rooms
20-minutes : entire group sharing / Q&A
5-minutes : weekly challenge
You can join this group at any time, on a drop-in basis. No start- & end dates apply.


You don’t have to say yes now, you only have to say maybe. Simply connect and see how much fun you can have, growing, playing, learning, reflecting & ’injoying’ the company of your design & creative community. Sign up today.


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