Courses to Optimise Creative Performance

Go from stressed, anxious & to geeked to sleep, to a restful slumber and feeling great in the morning ready to rock it! When You focus on mastering the fundamentals, you can achieve anything.

Academy Courses

Grow at your own pace & find what works best for you from the many practical tools, strategies & exercises available in the courses below.

The ReFocus Webinar

Stressing out from multitasking? Learn how to delete distractions & get laser focused, with the latest in neuroscience & practical strategies to get you in the flow state & double your productivity by up to 80%, with this world-class approach and delete the distraction of multitasking once & for all.

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The Intelligent Insomnia Masterclass

We've all wrestled with sleepless nights at some point in our lives. Tossing, turning, mind racing while the hours go by with the ticking time bomb edging closer n closer to morning… How about we end this once & for all. Uncover 10 powerful ways to transform your sleep, plus 3 mindfulness practices, designed especially for quieting the inner chaos and reclaim your nights to wake up to a life of energised tranquility.

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The Alchemising Anxiety Masterclass

Are you tired of anxiety dictating your every move? Do you long for tools to manage anxiety naturally, without relying on medications? Well, todays your day! Dive deep into the science of anxiety to demystify it once & for all. Learn 10 holistic techniques and transformative exercises to shift from fear to empowerment, from overwhelm to gratitude, and ultimately from anxiety to self-mastery.

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The Joyful Stress Masterclass

Ever felt weighed down by stress, but wondered if there could be a brighter side to it? There is! A way to harness its power, to find joy in the chaos. Uncover how you can transform stress into a source of joy & ease. Understand it, embrace it in a healthy way, and channel it to discover the joy that's been there the whole time.

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